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Belonging Come Join our travel tribe (Click Here) and take a break from the daily grind while making some unforgettable memories. We want you to let loose and just be you with a sisterhood that

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Travel Advice In A Time of Uncertainty

Sure I can provide you details on the challenges of travel, the joys of travel, the  best destination resorts to visit, which country has what entry restrictions, the best travel bargains and so much more

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Traveling in Europe – Finding Black History

On Saturday February 23, 2019, I had the distinct pleasure to play Charlotte, NC tour guide to a great travel colleague. It was such a pleasurable afternoon chatting with none other than the curator and

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2BusyNot2Travel and Black Chicks Travel is building a travel tribe of progressive, educated, fun-loving, unbiased, explorers whom love the finer things in life and living life to the fullest.
Is that you? Join our travel tribe today and let's discover, explore and experience the finer side of travel with Poise, Grace and a little Sass!

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