Cabin Fever is an understatement for those of us that thrive through travel; however, this new contagion called COVID-19 has change our world for today and honestly, probably for the future to come.

I know that you, like I, are very eager to travel but are we ready for the new normal of travel? Are we mentally prepared to jump over the new hurdles of travel? Are we prepared for temperature checks, required masks, purchasing seat covers, wiping down flight seats, window seals and tables with disinfectant wipes, wearing gloves, quarantining in resorts and government facilities for 24 – 72 hours or possibly days? More importantly, is our temperament ready for the encounter of others that simply roll the dice and find all these precautionary tasks nonsense and the impacts to those around them a non-existent thought?

It’s all so overwhelming to consider! 

2BusyNot2Travel has decided to cancel all remaining 2020 curated group travel dates to support the global effort for containing the spread of this life devastating virus but we are still committed to fulfilling your wanderlust and to sharing our knowledge and advice regarding all things travel related.

We are also ready to support your future household travel plans by providing you well-organized and customized itineraries with affordable monthly payment plans. 


Have you considered that the Corona Virus is here to stay like the Zika Virus or Bird Flu? Have you really considered this to be a new normal of contagion and caution? 

It has been said that the only two things that are absolutely certain are death and taxes but I employ you to also add change and uncertainty to that list.

If it is to be, it will happen to me!  

We Are Trained Risk Managers

2BusyNot2Travel consultants are always thinking about what-if!  We are always planning for the uncertainty of travel and life in general. You can leave the worry to us and feel confident that your journey will be smooth sailing as we light the pathway to your destination and for your return home. Our leader being an experienced, tried and true project management professional (PMP) has been thoroughly trained in analyzing risks and issues potentially present in each situation.

We Are Experienced Travelers

2BusyNot2Travel consultants are frequent travelers, with very discriminating taste and provide resort recommendations based on first hand experience. We have traveled to 4 of the 7 continents and specialize in Caribbean and European travel. We have experienced lost luggage, delayed flights, missed connections, imperfect accommodations, poor service, hurricanes in destination, rough waters at sea, cancelled flights, and more. We know travel and the perils of travel and we mitigate and solve problems you don’t know you have in ways you can’t imagine.

We Are Consultants Providing Personalized Service

2BusyNot2Travel provides services in a consultative approach, we don’t provide drive -thru service! We understand the importance of cultivating relationships and will never consider you as simply another number in a crowd of numbers. We cultivate and customize journeys specific to you and your travel partners. We take time to get to know you, your dreams and realities. We respect the investment of travel and we are committed to cultivating the most memorable journeys filled with laughter, cultural experiences, exciting activities, and accommodations that leave you wanting more.

We Are Value Providers

  • We save you hours of research to find every nuance of arriving at your destination. There is so much constant change in travel restrictions and travel requirements and we cut through the noise and simplify the message.

  • We give you a single point of contact; enabling you to avoid the hours of hold time and hang ups when attempting to gain perspective from travel vendors and destination management companies. We spend the hours on hold and experience the hangups so you don’t have to. You receive a direct line to your travel support and not a faceless 1-800 or 1-866 number. 

  • We are skilled in identifying ways to include extra perks, discounts and upgraded amenities

  •  We plan itineraries with every level of detail so that all you need to do is arrive in destination and allow others to spoil you while all you do is sit back and enjoy without a care in the world.