The owner, Wanda Thomas, is an excellent travel agent who accompanies her clients on the trips as a concierge. We just came back from a two-week European trip, where we visited 5 cities in 4 countries. There were no problems at all! Everything was planned and coordinated down to the last detail. When you have planes, Eurotrains, tour buses, hotels, tour guides and hosts, all in place and awaiting your arrival to every designation, you have accomplished no small feat. I will travel with this company again, and I highly recommended their services to anyone who takes a trip in the future!
Kathy Hall
I am a 2busynot2travel client!!!! The trips are well organized and I truly enjoyed myself!!!!! I met several wonderful people during my recent trip. I trust the coordinator to always book clean, safe and well planned travel adventures!!!!! I was tried of waiting for someone to travel with or want to go to the same place as I. You always hear the same story: I don't have that in my budget or the kids have something going on...etc. With 2busynot2travel you will be matched up with a like minded roommate which you can meet before the trip....Or you can go solo as far a accommodations. Pack your bags, grab your passport along with a positive attitude and have some FUN!!!!!!! Thank you 2busynot2travel for what you do!
Kim Jenkins
Professional, responsive...overall awesome. Love Wanda and her team!!!
Shelley Willingham
Business Coach
I had a Blast on my first vacation Cruise with 2BusyNot2Travel. The service delivered by Ms. Wanda was awesome. Wanda is a well traveled knowledgeable consultant. She is punctual, detailed and delivers warm hospitality service to those traveling with her. When traveling with her she gives personal attention making sure you are taken great care of. All future travel for me and my will be booked with 2BusyNot2Travel. When you find the right one, Stick with them.
Kelly Turner
The Chain Fund Founder & CEO

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