We’re all on a journey, one that has a beginning, middle and end. We kick, push and claw to get into this world and as we enter we emerge screaming at the top of our lungs full of zest to just be apart of this world that we know nothing about. We emerge from darkness and begin to explore this world with every sense we have…we touch it, taste it, hear it, smell it…always desiring more! We grow and see the world through the lens of our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers…society becomes our ophthalmologist.
Somewhere in our journey our eyesight diminishes and we lose sight of the joy and splendor of exploring…the joy of discovery…the joy of being Alice in Wonderland. We begin to except that not seeing the fine print or that bottom-line on the eye chart is acceptable and we don’t even try…status quo becomes reality.
Perhaps it takes a traumatic event or the realization that we’re on the downside of the hill called life but hopefully we find that moment…that moment when we meet the Chesire Cat and ask him “Which way should I go” and he responds “It depends on where you want to get to!” An answer that hopefully, once again, gets us to ponder, what we want to discover…what we want to touch, taste, hear and smell…How we want to Live This Life!
COVID-19 came along in December 2019 and knocked us all to our knees by February 2020 with a screeching halt to life as we knew it, life and living that we took for granted.
Before COVID-19 there was always tomorrow although tomorrow is never promised and now society is locked down, pentup and full of anxiety to just be free to roam again. Life has gone from planes, ships, trains and buses to “Views from my Window”, virtual wanderlust, and “Remembering…..”. Everyone wants to travel somewhere, anywhere right now just to feel free and alive. Everyone wants and needs a hug that seems so far away.
We’ve taken so much for granted in the past so how will COVID19 help us morph tomorrow into “carpe diem” and how will it help us begin to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST?
Will you take the challenge to Live Life today?