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2bzz2 Consulting & Management LLC supports small business owners via the PMI Project Management Life Cycle coupled with a Process Management approach utilizing both a macro and micro perspective of business analysis to support increased business profitability and business value via the introduction of increased innovation and properly aligned and monitored business KPIs.


Use Our Tools and Services

Save You Time

Reduce the time spent in doing administrative tasks and searching for the answers in multiple locations. Our calculators will centralize your data while simultaneously automating those manual tasks. Our project plans will help you set realistic deadlines and delivery times and keep you focused.

Increase Your Profits

Many solopreneurs miss income opportunities due to unformulated, unorganized processes, and unallocated expenses that should have been included in the cost of services. Our coaching and planning sessions, calculators, expense and income trackers will help you account for every financial opportunity.

Streamline Your Processes

Our coaching and planning sessions, calculators, expense and income trackers will help you increase cost efficiency, improve productivity, improve client and staff communication, improve your time management, reduce your business risk, help you analyze your business outcomes and reduce errors in profit, sales and trends forecasting.

Free 30 - Minute consult

30-Minute Free Consultation

Let's discuss your specific business project needs and make a plan of action for next steps to your success.

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1- hour 1 on 1 coaching

One Hour 1-on-1 Business Coaching

Let's take a deep dive into your business objectives and make a project plan for implementation.

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Group Travel Calculator

Group Travel Calculator

A group trip can contain multiple associated costs and having an ability to track each cost and re-distribute that cost to your group travelers is imperative. Save time and avoid loss of potential revenues with a proper group cost calculator. Increase your client service response time by having total trip costs for all room occupancies at your fingertips.

Group Travel Calculator

Your percentage of markup is up to you!


Client to Vendor Financial Calculator

Client to vendor financial revenue calculator

This Client to Vendor Financial Revenue Calculator will enable tracking of client balance, total payments made, total vendor costs, total vendor payments made, total miscellaneous cost per booking, total earned commissions, total refunds, and total losses creating record of net revenues earned for each client booking which will ultimately help determine your most profitable clients within your portfolio

Client to Vendor Financial Revenue Calculator



Monthly & Annual Sales Tracking

Monthly & Annual Sales Tracking Report

Tracking what you expect is a must; especially your sales revenue! This worksheet will give you the ability to see how you are performing monthly and yearly based on your forecasted goals. You will be able to see at a glance any shortfall or overage in sales for the month and for the year. You will also be able to compare sales from one year to the next which will help you identify trends in your business. This is a must have spreadsheet for all businesses.

Monthly & Annual Sales Tracking




I Am Wanda Thomas

After decades of experience in finance and project management where I managed million dollar store fronts, millions in financial assets and millions in international projects, it became one of my primary missions to give back to those in the small business community by helping small business owners avoid some of the business pitfalls that I have seen in my years of partnering with multiple sales and service organizations. It is my mission to provide individuals and small businesses with the finance and project management skills to master the critical tactics and strategies that will drive their business growth.

I hold the following designations: PMP(Project Management Professional); ICP(ICAgile Certified Professional); CQIA (Certified Quality Improvement Associate)

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