The enchanted Land

2023 Unbelievable Dubai

October 20 - 30, 2023

You watched the excitement and the happiness on the faces of  our last Dubai group and you wished you were there!

Get excited again by actually experiencing this amazing and totally immersive 2BusyNot2Travel™ journey.

We’re doing it again and we’ve even upgraded the adventure to include even more!

Why Dubai you ask?

It’s more than a destination!

Dubai is a life EXPERIENCE!

Dubai is…

  • Magical
  • Mysterious
  • Sensational
  • and Revolutionary

Dubai is a must experience!

You will feel…

  • Elated
  • Gleeful
  • Child-like
  • and Energized all at once! 

The wonder and amazement is everything you’ve heard about!


  • Wonder
  • Amazement
  • Awe for yourself!


  • Daring
  • Bold
  • and Dynamic in a land of amazing Bounty and Exuberance!*

*This journey will be very immersive!

Well, I completed my travel with 2BusyNot2Travel and I am SPEECHLESS!!! What an AWESOME trip!!!! It was just as Wanda said, "a total immersion of Dubai, UAE". 💯 The itinerary was as planned with added surprises along the way. This was a 5 star plus travel adventure and I would definitely recommend Wanda and 2BusyNot2Travel to anyone looking to explore exquisite destinations with a desire to create everlasting, unforgettable relationships and memories!!! I will definitely utilize Wanda and her services again! 😍😍.
Margaret Glen

This Adventure is Unbelievable

My friends and I just returned home from Dubai with Wanda and it was the best trip of my life. Her professionalism and work ethic are superb. I appreciate her attention to detail and taking so many opportunities to add special touches throughout the trip to make us feel like VIPs. I look forward to traveling with Wanda again, as I believe that she has spoiled me from being able to be satisfied with any other travel experience. Book her immediately, without reservation, for a one-of-a-kind adventure!
Candace Payne-Butler

This is an Experiential Journey!

2BusyNot2Travel™ will fully immerse you in this amazing destination and generate an emotional charge!

You will experience a lightning bolt of big kid awe,

  • “WOW!”,
  • “AMAZING!”,
  • “OMG!” and
  • “I just can’t believe it!” 

If you are…

  • An adrenaline junkie, Dubai is for you!
  • A Shopaholic; OMG, Dubai is for you!
  • Into culture, art, history; Dubai is for you!
  • Into luxury, over the top exuberance; YES LAWD, Dubai is for you!
  • A foodie with a love for decadent recipes with amazing tastes; Dubai is for you! 

Dubai truly has something for everyone!

This Package Is Packed with over 20 Value Added, Exhilarating and Breathtaking Inclusions

This Package Does Not Include


Sheraton Mall of the Emirates

You truly can’t beat the convenience of this hotel location. There are so many eating, shopping and adventure options in the backyard that you can’t possibly ever be bored. 

Directly connected to the iconic shopping destination, Mall of the Emirates with over 600 premium retail brands and entertainment hubs such as Ski Dubai and Magic Planet, this destination hotel is centrally located along Sheikh Zayed Road and enjoys a direct link to Mall of the Emirates metro station. Downtown Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Media City, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai International Airport and the city’s most touristic can be reached within minutes. Featuring 481 stylish rooms and suites with stunning views of the Dubai city skyline, some with sea views and a wide range of amenities. Enjoy authentic Turkish dishes and awesome buffet breakfast and brunch options at Besh Turkish Kitchen and experience spectacular views of Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab from the Besh outdoor patio and rooftop pool. Sheraton Mall of the Emirates boasts modern leisure facilities allowing guests to enjoy a range of pampering spa treatments at Shine Spa, stay fit at Sheraton Fitness and take a deep dive in our rooftop outdoor swimming pools.

Live Your Life to The Fullest

“It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary.”

everything you need and even a few things you don't!

Package Pricing

Deposit: $300

Without Flight

With Flight from JFK

*Prices subject to change until deposit made and minimum of 8 travelers required for onsite hostess.

General Dubai Information

Climate and Weather

Average day temperature in Dubai in October is 96 degrees; November is 87 degrees; December is 79 degrees; January 75 degrees; February 78 degrees; March 84 degrees and April 92 degrees. 
Dubai seldom receives rain. 
Evenings can be cool especially in the desert and a light sweater or jacket is recommended.

Clothing and Dress

Dubai is a shopping mecca and the fashion is amazing. Although the daytime fashions are more conservative as representation of the Muslim culture, evening fashions are stylish and often high fashion.
Light and loose is the way to go in this humid tropical climate. Bring light trousers or skirts made of a natural fabric such as cotton, combined with a stash of cotton T-shirts (beware of the t-shirt message and camouflage should be avoided), plenty of socks and underwear, hat or other head covering as the sun can be brutal.
Women should keep their shoulders covered and wear skirts and shorts that are below the knees in this predominantly Muslim country. Pack a shawl, light sweater or jacket for quick convenient shoulder coverage.
One sweater or sweatshirt should be adequate, since night time temperatures are occasionally chilly.
As for footwear, a good pair of walking shoes with solid ankle support is a must, Sneakers, but you’ll also want sandals. If you forget anything, don’t stress as Dubai is a shoppers paradise! 
As stated on the Visit Dubai website, with around 200 nationalities represented in Dubai, how people dress is incredibly varied – yet the traditional attire of the UAE is bold and distinctive. You can see it all across the city.
Emirati national dress is a symbol of pride and identity that has been designed with the dual intent of providing comfort and adhering to religious beliefs. In Dubai, men wear an ankle-length, loose-fitting garment made of white cotton, known as a kandora or dishdasha. A ghutrah covers the head and is held in place by the agal, a type of black cord. This garment was originally used to protect the face from the harsh desert environment
Traditionally, women in Dubai wear an abaya – a long, black flowing light coat over their clothing. This is worn over their Western clothes or a traditional long-sleeved full-length dress known as a jalabeya. A black scarf called a shayla is often draped over the head.

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