The enchanted Land

2021 Unbelievable Dubai

Nov 26 - Dec 4, 2021

Dubai is a life EXPERIENCE not just a destination!

Its a Forbidden Fruit with A Secret that is Unbelievable and Enchanting. It’s more than a destination journey, Dubai is a life EXPERIENCE!

Dubai is both Magical and Mysterious, Sensational and Revolutionary! Dubai is a must experience! 

You just won’t stop talking about it!

You will feel Elated, Gleeful, Child-like and Energized all at once! 

The wonder and amazement is everything you’ve heard about! 

Don’t live vicariously through the words of others. EXPERIENCE the Wonder, Amazement and Awe for yourself!

Be Daring, Bold, and Dynamic in a land of amazing Bounty and Exuberance!*

*This journey will be very immersive!


2BusyNot2Travel desires to immerse you in this amazing destination and generate an emotional charge; A lightning bolt of big kid awe, “WOW!”, “AMAZING!”, “OMG!” and “I just can’t believe it!” 

You will not only be able to add a new destination pin to your travel map but you will actually experience the wonder and unbelievable activities available in this enchanted destination. 

If you are an adrenaline junkie, Dubai is for you! If you are a Shopaholic; OMG, Dubai is for you!  If you are into culture, art, history; Dubai is for you! If you are into luxury, over the top exuberance; YES LAWD, Dubai is for you! If you are a foodie with a love for decadent recipes with amazing tastes; Dubai is for you! 

Dubai truly has something for everyone!

This Package Is Packed with over 20 Value Added, Exhilarating and Breathtaking Inclusions

Travel Agent Bonus Inclusion

Ski Dubai

Camel Trekking

Dubai Fountain

This Package Does Not Include

Our Itinerary

- Day 1 Friday, November 26, 2021 - Depart

Depart For Dubai

- Day 2 Saturday, November 27, 2021 - Arrive Dubai

Welcome to beautiful Dubai where you will be met by your Tour Guide for a group Transfer to the beautiful VOCO Dubai.

Different to your everyday stay, voco™ Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road represents a world of effortless comfort and convenience, topped with a collection of thoughtful and playful touches, to ensure that your time in Dubai is truly unforgettable. You will see that their intuitive and personable hosts love to bring this commitment to life. All of their 471 guestrooms are recently refurbished with modern décor and considerate extras that make for a comfortable stay. Thanks to their wonderful location in the heart of the city and the floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, guestrooms offer sweeping views of Dubai. Definitely a choice for this amazing adventure!

The group will have a meet and greet at 10:00 PM that night in one of the VOCO's 4 fabulous restaurants or 4 wonderful bars.

- Day 3 Sunday, November 28, 2021 - Dubai city tour

After Breakfast meet in the hotel lobby at 9:00 AM for a fabulous day of Dubai Exploration. We'll visit the worlds tallest building - Burj Khalifa standing at 2722 feet with the fastest elevator in the world which takes only 1 minute to reach the observation deck on the 124th floor!

We'll visit the Dubai Marina and stop for photos of breathtaking views before moving on to Jumeriah Palm and shopping at the Dubai Mall.

The highlight of the evening will be an amazing family style dinner of traditional Lebanese food with VIP seating at for the amazing Dubai fountain lightshow!

- day 4 Monday , November 29, 2021 - Jumeriah beach and Global Village

Today we will visit the beautiful Jumeriah Beach area. After lunch on your own at Jumeriah Beach we will visit the Magical Miracle Garden and sensational Global Village where your eyes will jump with every sight of amazing colors and lights. You will be in awe as you take in the overwhelming fact that 90 different countries are represented in this amazing entertainment, shopping, and food complex. Nights here are festive and jubilant and you will be taken back to the days of childhood and that feeling of euphoric glee in seeing all the sights and opportunities to experience so much in one place!

- day 5 Tuesday November 30, 2021 - ABU Dhabi Tour

After Breakfast, we'll head out for a day long adventure in Abu Dhabi. You'll enjoy a day of sights to include a visit to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Heritage Village and Emirates Palace. The women will wear traditional abayas and the men traditional kandura (you may purchase prior to travel or during our stay in Dubai) We will pose for a beautiful group photo at the Mosque.

- Day 6 Wednesday December 1, 2021 - Gold & Spice Souks

Today will be filled with more shopping and more exploration. Today we'll explore Sharjah which is the third-most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, after Dubai and Abu Dhabi, forming part of the Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman metropolitan area. Sharjah is where most expats live as the cost of living is significant lower than it's sister emirates and has a number of great shopping locations.

We will visit the Heritage Museum, the Dubai Frame and of course spend time at the Gold & Spice Souks.

Our evening will end with a beautiful Dubai Creek Dhow Dinner Cruise.

- Day 7 Thursday December 2, 2021 - Ski Dubai Snow Park and Camel trekking

One of my favorite adventure days!!

The fun and adventure of enjoying snow in the middle of the desert OH MY!! It's exhilarating and so thrilling to roll down the hill in a big rubber ball or slide and spin down the ice covered hill screaming at your highest octave.

Our evening and night time adventure is absolutely marvelously planned! The sunset in the desert as you ride atop of these amazing and beautiful camels is truly breathtaking. After we trek through the desert, we will enjoy a fantastic desert BBQ and show with dancing and lots of music; truly a don't miss!

- Day 8 Friday December 3, 2021 - Day at Expo 2020

Today we will be immersed in science, technology and the future! We will attend the Dubai Expo 2020 which is a large international exhibition designed to showcase the achievements of multiple nations. The goal of a world expo is to help the world visitors focus on global issues and challenges and to see how the multitude of nations are addressing theses global issues. It's about building a better world and having a better understanding of the world we live in.

The Dubai Expo 2020 will have sections dedicated to exhibiting sustainability of the harmony of nature and technology; sections dedicated to exhibiting mobility and how the world can better move knowledge, ideas and goods to support the world; sections dedicated to exhibiting opportunity where we can learn how to better unlock the potential within each one of us to better the world we live.

World Expos have been around for 170 years featuring ways to better our world with computers, telephones, television, food and more.

- Day 9 Saturday, December 4, 2021 - Depart Dubai

After Breakfast, time to depart the magnificent adventure.



Different to your everyday stay, voco™ Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road represents a world of effortless comfort and convenience, topped with a collection of thoughtful and playful touches, to ensure that your time in Dubai is truly unforgettable. You will see that their intuitive and personable hosts love to bring this commitment to life. All of their 471 guestrooms are recently refurbished with modern décor and considerate extras that make for a comfortable stay. Thanks to their wonderful location in the heart of the city and the floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, guestrooms offer sweeping views of Dubai. Definitely a choice for this amazing adventure!

Whether you’re here on business, a pleasure trip with your family, or a personal staycation, there is ample space to spread out. Enjoy a deep soak in your bath, an invigorating aerated shower, or jump on the cosy chaise longue that’s perfect for putting your feet up. You’ve a practical workspace, high-speed WiFi connectivity and a large-screen smart TV to chill in front of. What’s more, we’ve saved the best for last, with our super comfy new beds, crisp white linens, perfectly plumped duvets and pillows that guarantee a refreshing night’s sleep.

Live Your Life to The Fullest

“It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary.”

Mandy Hale

everything you need and even a few things you don't!

Travel Agent Requirements & Information

Prior to any Travel Agent being provided a TA discount code, verification of TA status is required. Verification will occur via the agent requested details by clicking here
Upon verification of agent status, a TA discount code will be emailed and texted to the TA for use in making the initial deposit. TA will be allowed one companion at the TA rate.
Site inspections of 4 – 5 resorts will be pre-arranged for the TA group in an effort to support choices in accommodation options for future sales. Site inspections will be interwoven throughout the schedule to maintain total group participation in all activities.
All Travel Agents will be provided access to Dubai Marketing Image Repository*; Dubai Email Sales Sequence and tour guide contact information 7-10 days after return. 
All Travel Agents will be invited to attend a Dubai Wrap-up Q&A Webinar within 7 days after return.
*Please note that your likeness may appear in some and/or all journey photography and by attending this journey, you are giving consent for your likeness to be used in advertising by 2BusyNot2Travel, It’s affiliates and all in attendance of this journey.

General Dubai Information as of April 18, 2021

Vaccinations and Medication

All passengers arriving to Dubai from any point of origin (including GCC countries) must hold a negative PCR test certificate, for which the test must be taken no more than 72 hours prior to the time of departure. Negative COVID-19 certificates must be printed in English or Arabic. No hand written, SMS or digital certificates will be accepted.
You may be required to take another test at Dubai Airports upon arrival if travelling from select destinations or if you show symptoms of COVID-19 on arrival. All travelers must check the country requirements from which they are departing.
Ensure you have medical travel insurance with international coverage that covers COVID-19 before travelling. If you are travelling with Emirates airline or FlyDubai and have purchased your ticket after 1 December 2020, you will automatically benefit from additional multi-risk travel insurance provided by AIG Travel.
Please refer to CDC.gov for additional vaccination recommendations.

Additional Covid-19 Requirements

Tourists are required to download the COVID-19 DXB app iOS – Android
Tourists who show symptoms on arrival and test positive for COVID-19 after being re-tested must comply with a 10-day isolation:
  • The duration of isolation for COVID-19 has been reduced from 14 days to 10 days with effect from 5 January 2021.
  • A person who is infected with COVID-19 will remain in isolation (home or facility). The isolation period for a confirmed COVID-19 case is 10 days. The isolation ends after completing the 10 days with improvement in symptoms and no fever for 3 consecutive days at least, without any fever reduction medication.
  • For more information, please visit this Dubai Health Authority page.
  • For those that are a COVID-19 close contact case, please check this link.
    The traveller will bear the cost of treatment and quarantine unless their carrier is Emirates or FlyDubai.
Customers purchasing an Emirates airline or FlyDubai ticket from 1 December 2020 benefit from additional multi-risk travel insurance provided by AIG Travel, including cover for COVID-19 and overseas medical expenses. Please see the following links for more information and a supporting FAQ: Emirates airline | FlyDubai
Compliance with all precautionary measures applied in Dubai (wearing masks, maintaining 2m social distance and washing hands regularly).
View the following the Visit Dubai website for more information.

Climate and Weather

Average day temperature in Dubai in October is 96 degrees; November is 87 degrees; December is 79 degrees; January 75 degrees; and February 78 degrees. 
Dubai seldom receives rain. 
Evenings can be cool especially in the desert and a light sweater or jacket is recommended.

Clothing and Dress

Dubai is a shopping mecca and the fashion is amazing. Although the daytime fashions are more conservative as representation of the Muslim culture, evening fashions are stylish and often high fashion.
Light and loose is the way to go in this humid tropical climate. Bring light trousers or skirts made of a natural fabric such as cotton, combined with a stash of cotton T-shirts (beware of the t-shirt message and camouflage should be avoided), plenty of socks and underwear, hat or other head covering as the sun can be brutal.
Women should keep their shoulders covered and wear skirts and shorts that are below the knees in this predominantly Muslim country. Pack a shawl, light sweater or jacket for quick convenient shoulder coverage.
One sweater or sweatshirt should be adequate, since night time temperatures are occasionally chilly.
As for footwear, a good pair of walking shoes with solid ankle support is a must, Sneakers, but you’ll also want sandals. If you forget anything, don’t stress as Dubai is a shoppers paradise! 
As stated on the Visit Dubai website, with around 200 nationalities represented in Dubai, how people dress is incredibly varied – yet the traditional attire of the UAE is bold and distinctive. You can see it all across the city.
Emirati national dress is a symbol of pride and identity that has been designed with the dual intent of providing comfort and adhering to religious beliefs. In Dubai, men wear an ankle-length, loose-fitting garment made of white cotton, known as a kandora or dishdasha. A ghutrah covers the head and is held in place by the agal, a type of black cord. This garment was originally used to protect the face from the harsh desert environment
Traditionally, women in Dubai wear an abaya – a long, black flowing light coat over their clothing. This is worn over their Western clothes or a traditional long-sleeved full-length dress known as a jalabeya. A black scarf called a shayla is often draped over the head.


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